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The scheme describes an Apprenticeship Framework - Collaborative Research Process  which Ofer and Anat undertook over nine years.

The  purpose of our practitioner doctoral research process was to produce a knowledge framework  by creating a transformational virtual space, an application which can utilised by other professionals in the relevant field of practice. This transformational virtual space- application, was also built to communicate and disseminate the products of our research. This goal was achieved by extraction and reflective analysis of tacit knowledge embedded in what was previously, the intuitive professional work of an experienced practitioner.

July 20, 2012

The "ReachingOut" framework is an innovative method of psycho-therapeutic treatment, designed to reach maximal results in handling Adolescent resistance, reactance and noncompliance to treatment. The main principles suggest home-based therapy, along with cultural sensitivity to the distinctive characteristics of each adolescent. It also emphasizes the importance of forming a solid therapeutic alliance with the adolescent, as well as reaching consensus with the parents. The combination of these and other elements creates a unique approach to adolescent therapy.


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I propose a new integrative framework of practical empiric knowledge improving the ability to approach uncovered areas in today’s research in both fields of research. The proposed framework suggests combining a cohort (groups) of researchers, from both schools of knowledge.

ReachingOut Knowledge Evolution

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