ReachingOut in PsychoTherapy

The "ReachingOut" framework is an innovative method of psycho-therapeutic treatment, designed to reach maximal results in handling Adolescent resistance, reactance and noncompliance to treatment. The main principles suggest home-based therapy, along with cultural sensitivity to the distinctive characteristics of each adolescent. It also emphasizes the importance of forming a solid therapeutic alliance with the adolescent, as well as reaching consensus with the parents. The combination of these and other elements creates a unique approach to adolescent therapy.


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ReachingOut Knowledge Evolution

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Knowledge Evolution
Academy Revised 

I propose a new integrative framework of practical empiric knowledge improving the ability to approach uncovered areas in today’s research in both fields of research. The proposed framework suggests combining a cohort (groups) of researchers, from both schools of knowledge.

ReachingOut Psychotherapy Mtg.
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