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is a theoretical concept. In reality, there can be no anomalies. The emergence of a phenomenon that might be considered as an anomaly is, at most, the proof of the model’s limitations and lack of ability to give explanation suited the complex phenomena being observed. Phenomenon is considered as anomaly when it is not observed within the expected range according to the theoretical predictions. The very use of the term anomaly is denying the emergence feasibility of deviated phenomenon, and serves as a dogmatic statement that sets the world view one level above reality.

The use of the term anomaly put emphasis on the readiness to defend the world view by preventing from the presence of a “marginal” phenomenon to refute its existence. Anomalous phenomenon will be explained as background noise, sampling error or statistical calculations thus, its existence does not indicate the failure of theory or the illumination of its philosophical limitation.

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I propose a new integrative framework of practical empiric knowledge improving the ability to approach uncovered areas in today’s research in both fields of research. The proposed framework suggests combining a cohort (groups) of researchers, from both schools of knowledge.

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